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Rachel Dodson

Dance Artist, Educator, Choreographer, and Art Instigator

Nutrition for Dancers

Nutrition for Dancers

We are all unique and beautiful individuals, and eating the right things in the proper amounts at specific times in the day can be vital towards maintaining optimal physical condition and the high energy levels necessary for physical exertion required by dance.  I believe strongly in the importance of a healthy daily intake, and if you would like a review of your personal diet with tips on adjustments that can be made easily to already existent habits to increase the longevity of nutritional success, please contact me to set up and appointment.  Learn more and have a plan designed to suit your body type, your physical demands, and what's typically in your kitchen!

Please consider that though I am not a certified nutritionist, I am certified by Safety in Dance International (SiDI)  in Healthy Dance Practices, which included proper nutrition and hydration for dancers.  

Check out some of the quick and easy recipes below for meal and snack options that can support your regime. 

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